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Why Should OFWs Invest in Philippine Real Estate?

| by Apple Barretto

Why Should OFWs Invest in Philippine Real Estate?

Why should OFWs invest in Philippine real estate?

  1. There are many housing benefits in the Philippines.
  2. Investing in Philippine real estate is cheaper compared to other countries.
  3. Philippine provinces are ripe with opportunities.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are recognized for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in ensuring a brighter future for their loved ones. With the advantage of a steady income earned abroad, they strive to provide their families in the Philippines with a better quality of life.

However, OFWs not only aim to enhance their family’s immediate well-being but also seek investments that can yield long-term benefits for themselves and their relatives. And when it comes to wise investment choices, real estate stands out as a compelling option. Let’s delve into why OFWs should invest in Philippine real estate.

There are Many Housing Benefits in the Philippines

There are Many Housing Benefits in the Philippines

Investing in Philippine real estate offers a remarkable advantage: the freedom to select the perfect property that aligns with your preferences. The country presents a rich array of housing options, ranging from condominiums to townhomes to house-and-lot combinations.

To make an informed decision about the type of housing that suits your needs, it’s essential to understand the distinction between vertical and horizontal properties. In this section, we’ll delve into this differentiation, empowering you to make a well-informed choice when it comes to your Philippine real estate investment.

Vertical Properties

Vertical properties in Philippine real estate refer to buildings where a single owner has ownership over the entire structure, encompassing individual residential units, commercial spaces, and parking areas. These properties are specifically designed to accommodate multiple apartments, which are often utilized for rental purposes.

They are most commonly found in major cities and urban areas characterized by high-density living. Metro Manila, which includes cities like Makati, Taguig, Quezon City, and Pasig, is particularly renowned for its abundance of vertical properties, including condominium buildings and high-rise residential towers.

Horizontal Properties

On the other hand, horizontal property ownership pertains to buildings that consist of individual private homes. In this type of property, different owners hold rights to specific units within the building. These owners also co-own common building elements, such as common areas and facilities, under specific rights and regulations, aimed at ensuring harmonious co-existence among neighbors.

They are commonly found in various locations across the Philippines. They are prevalent in suburban areas, residential communities, and subdivisions. These types of properties are often developed in areas outside major cities, providing residents with a more spacious and suburban living environment.

Pueblo De Oro’s gated communities are one of the most well-developed horizontal properties in the country. We’ve established our gated communities in developing provinces like Cagayan de Oro and Batangas to provide Filipinos with excellent alternatives to living in the city.

Types of Properties in Philippine Provinces

In Philippine provinces such as Pampanga, Cagayan de Oro, Batangas, and others, horizontal properties are prevalent, offering property investors the advantage of complete ownership over their investments. Unlike vertical properties, horizontal properties allow investors to fully own the land and structures they invest in. This ownership provides a sense of security and control, allowing investors to make improvements, customize the property, and maximize its potential value.

Whether it’s residential houses, townhomes, or house-and-lot combinations, the availability of horizontal properties in these provinces offers a favorable opportunity for investors to establish long-term ownership and enjoy the benefits of their real estate investments.

Investing in Philippine Real Estate is Cheaper Compared to Other Countries

Investing in Philippine real estate offers a distinct advantage in terms of affordability when compared to other countries, particularly within Southeast Asia. With research indicating that the Philippines ranks as the third least expensive country in Asia for property investors, it presents an attractive opportunity for those seeking more accessible entry into the real estate market. For instance, the average price of a condominium unit in the country’s capital is approximately US$ 72,000, a notable contrast to the considerably higher price tag of around US$ 781,000 for a similar unit in Singapore.

This significant price difference underscores the affordability of Philippine real estate, making it an appealing choice for investors looking to maximize their investment potential without breaking the bank.

Philippine Provinces are Ripe with Opportunities

Philippine Provinces are Ripe with Opportunities

There’s a reason why people choose to relocate to Philippine provinces, most of which are close to Metro Manila. These provinces all offer the same advantages of living in the Metro, but they don’t have the congestion, traffic, or pollution that Metro Manila residents endure almost every day.

Best of all, as emerging cities, they are still in the process of growing their economies and so have more opportunities to offer.

Malvar, Batangas

South of Metro Manila and accessible via the STAR Tollway, the upcoming high-class city of Malvar is primarily famous for its stunning natural wonders. Additionally, it’s also one of the cities in the CALABARZON region expected to experience a boom in economic growth in the next few years, giving you something to look forward to if you invest in this city.


San Fernando, Pampanga is a gateway to North Luzon, 67 km away from Metro Manila, 16 km south of Clark Freeport Zone and Clark International Airport, and 50 km east of Subic Freeport Zone. It is both the provincial capital of Pampanga and the administrative center of Central Luzon. It is among the three cities that comprise the Pampanga Golden Triangle and which represent fast-growing and high-density Kapampangan settlements. The Home of the Giant Lanterns, San Fernando is known for its colorful festivities, mouthwatering cuisine, and warm, accommodating people.


Nestled at the heart of the Philippines, Cebu offers unparalleled accessibility for both locals and foreigners. Travelers can easily reach the province through the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway or the acclaimed Mactan-Cebu International Airport, renowned as one of the world’s top airports.

Cebu is a haven for water enthusiasts, boasting thrilling activities such as whale watching, scuba diving, and island hopping. It also serves as a thriving business hub, attracting entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover, Cebu’s unique blend of urban development and natural beauty makes it an ideal retirement destination. Retirees can enjoy a tranquil lifestyle away from the bustling city while still relishing in modern amenities and conveniences they are accustomed to in metropolitan areas.

Key Takeaway

Investing in Philippine real estate holds significant personal and professional advantages for OFWs. Whether it’s generating passive income through property leasing or securing a home for their families future, the reasons to invest are compelling. When OFWs invest in Philippine real estate, they’re offered the assurance of having a place to call their own when they eventually return to the Philippines.

In this regard, opting for a Philippine province as their investment destination is a wise choice. The scenic beauty, cultural heritage, investment opportunities, and affordability found in provinces make them an attractive option. Investing in Philippine real estate not only provides financial benefits but also establishes a lasting connection to the country, creating a sense of home and stability for OFWs and their loved ones.

If you’re an OFW looking to invest in a home, make sure that the place you choose has all the factors of an ideal investment location. Pueblo de Oro has safe and secure gated communities that are perfect for your family to thrive in. Contact us today to know more about investing in your future home!

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