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6 Reasons to Relocate to Philippine Provinces

| by Apple Barretto

6 Reasons to Relocate to Philippine Provinces

What are some reasons to relocate to Philippine provinces?

  1. New opportunities for business and education
  2. Less traffic, pollution, and congestion
  3. More eco-friendly way of life
  4. Unique native cuisine
  5. Natural tourist destinations
  6. Love for country

During the height of the pandemic, many people embarked on “balik-probinsya”. City dwellers moved out of Metro Manila and returned to their hometowns and provinces to “escape” from the COVID-19 virus and to let go of their condominium rentals in the Metro.

With the pandemic nearly over, the new normal ways of living have become the lifestyle trend and many chose to settle in their hometown in the suburbs. Locals and foreigners alike have their personal reasons to relocate to the Philippine provinces, and in this blog, we’ll share with you the reasons why this change is good for you.

New Opportunities for Business and Education

New Opportunities for Business and Education

Many people have the idea that Metro Manila is the only hub for opportunities, especially in terms of work, housing, and education. But there are numerous progressive provinces offering the same or unique opportunities to people who are willing to work and relocate.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), all economies of the 17 Philippine regions have recovered from the pandemic, with CALABARZON posting the fastest growth in 2021. A good and fast-growing economy generally implies low unemployment rates, high salaries, low inflation, and booming infrastructural growth—all of which are not as unique to Metro Manila as they used to be.

Less Traffic, Pollution, and Congestion

Many already know the pros of living in Metro Manila from access to the best schools in the country to the best job opportunities, but we simply can’t skip the cons. There are quite a number of disadvantages to living in a big, bustling city—traffic, pollution, and overpopulation being high on the list. Sometimes, it can be a hard pill to swallow living in a place with issues such as these.

Noise pollution is a significant environmental issue that can have negative impacts on both wildlife and people. It can disrupt natural cycles and cause changes in moods, habits, and productivity.

Similarly, traffic congestion is a significant problem, particularly in big cities. It contributes to increased levels of air pollution that affects the environment and the health of people in the surrounding areas.

In provinces, particularly far rural ones, these issues are scarce if not entirely nonexistent. You can get your fill of wide, empty roads and fewer but friendly people. You get clean air, less noise, and pristine facilities as well.

More Eco-Friendly Way of Life

More Eco-Friendly Way of Life

Thanks in part to the lesser pollution, traffic, and congestion, living in the province is often more eco-friendly because there is less urbanization that has changed the place from its natural state.

Additionally, subdivision developers in the Philippines have turned local provinces into places that promote green living through their numerous CSR initiatives. Among others, these initiatives involve creating more green spaces, encouraging organizational and individual projects for preserving Mother Earth, and implementing proper strategies for conserving energy and managing waste.

As a bonus, homes and communities are also safer and more peaceful, which benefits not only the environment but the residents as well.

At Pueblo de Oro, we’re proud to boast that our Malvar residences have received EDGE Certification, proving that homes here have a positive impact on the environment.

Unique Native Cuisine

Each province in the Philippines has its own unique cuisine, and part of living in a province means you get to delve deep into that place’s history and culture. Thus, your experience with that place’s cuisine becomes personalized and highly influential to your tastes, preferences, and maybe even values.

Knowing the unique ingredients, processes, and values that go into each local dish does more than make you appreciate its taste—it also makes you appreciate the culture and hard work of those who created it.

Natural Tourist Destinations

Natural Tourist Destinations

As we mentioned above, the need for CSR and ESG initiatives has pushed housing developers in the Philippines to create communities with less carbon footprint and leave many natural places as they were even gated communities. That’s why public parks and recreational spaces are so well-loved by residents and visitors of these private subdivisions.

The seamless blend of natural and man-made architecture proves that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds.

Love for Country

Finally, the endearing value of relocating to the province is the appreciation and love for the country.

There’s no doubt that experiencing the Philippines — its natural and man-made wonders, the hospitality of its people, and its unique culture will make you fall in love with the distinct Filipino lifestyle.

Additionally, for people who have lived in one place all their lives and suddenly decided to move somewhere else offers an enlightening and satisfying discovery of new cultures and points of view and will surely provide growth and a better understanding of the world around them.

Key Takeaway

If you’re interested in relocating to the suburbs, you’re sure to experience something life-changing by moving away and settling in a place that’s full of culture, variety, and life. These reasons to relocate to the Philippine provinces are just a few among many, and you’re sure to experience even more when you do!

Wherever you decide to settle, make sure you choose the best housing option. Pueblo de Oro has subdivisions and gated communities in key provinces of the Philippines, perfect for reigniting and jumpstarting your life. Contact us today to know more!

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